Internet-Based Service

NBN: New line Connection Charges. Connection of New Copper Line. Where there is no current copper line available for a FTTN new connection, a new copper PSTN line will need to be connected before an NBN FTTN can be connected.

The standard cost for copper new line connections of $299 apply. NBN New Development Charge The NBN has implemented a $300 charge for all new connections made in areas they have identified as within the boundary of a new development.

If you are in a new ‘Greenfield’ or new development area as determined by the NBN network, then the $300 fee will apply.

These terms are to be read in conjunction with the Critical Information Summaries and the Standard Form Of Agreement for Internet available at The standard modem is provided free of charge as part of any contract that is 24 months or greater. On a zero contract NBN plan the modem cost is $100 charged on the first bill with a $99 set up fee.

EARLY Exit FEES – early exit fees can be obtained by calculation $25 per month left into remaining months left on contract.

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SERVICEABLE LOCATIONS NBN services are only available in select locations.

Service qualification checks will be completed before starting the application however these checks do not guarantee serviceability of your premise.

NBN NEW DEVELOPMENT COST In instances where the service ordered is the first service at the address and the building is less than 10 years old, the wholesaler may forward on a New Development Charge of a maximum amount of $300.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT The equipment required differs depending on the technology type. HFC & FTTH – As part of the installation of this service a Network Termination Device will be installed into your premises.

Your service then requires a router to distribute WiFi to multiple users in your home. Any router you use is required to be Ethernet WAN (E-WAN) compatible.

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